Detox Face Collection

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This collection contains:

Detox Face Mask
Our Detox Face Mask is formulated from French Green Clay, Moringa Powder, Calendula Powder, and Bentonite Clay. This detoxifying face mask is perfect for oily and acne prone skin. French Green Clay absorbs toxins and poisons that get trapped in the skin leaving it smooth and clear. Moringa Powder is rich in fatty acids along with Vitamins B, C, A and 30 antioxidants to nourish your skin. Calendula powder boosts the appearance of your skin and provides antioxidant protection that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and scars. Use as a full face mask or spot treat problem areas of the skin. Our Detox Face Mask is shipped dry to ensure the upmost freshness of the product. Simply mix with your liquid of choice.

2 oz | 56.7g


Scrub Face Exfoliator
Gently exfoliate the dead skin with our Exfoliating Face Polish. We blended Avocado, Rose Hip Seed Oil and French Pink Clay with ultra-fine Indian Caster Sugar. It exfoliates and tones your skin, leaving it feeling soft and refreshed. 

 2 oz | 56.7g


Face Balm
Our ultra-moisturizing Balm Face Moisturizer is formulated for all skin types and leaves your face hydrated and provides the perfect canvas for flawless makeup application. We blended Avocado raw butter and Rosehip Seed Oil and Hibiscus Flower Extract to create a balm that not only moisturizes your skin but also correct dark spots, relieve dry and itchy skin, as well as reducing scars and fine lines.

2 oz | 56.7g

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